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Automotive photography is our passion. We love cars! We took photos for Mercedes-Benz dealers - Duda-Cars and Nobile Motors. The premiere of the new CLS model, or training Mercedes-Benz Safety Experience - incl. we have such photos in our portfolio.


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Automotive photography - our approach

Using elements such as lighting, location selection and our knowledge, we try to make the car look attractive. For us, automotive photography is advertising photography in which the focus is on the car. Our task is to creatively distinguish the product so as to encourage people to own it.

Passion speaks through us, we love the automotive industry, which is why it is something more than just work for us. This way of life, interest in cars has accompanied us for years. This helps us understand them, know how to make them look great.

Photography that evokes emotions requires knowledge of automotive photography and experience. At the beginning, we start with a concept, we wonder what we want to show, what features to emphasize - whether it should be speed, sports or family character, safety, economy or luxury. We are interested in who the target customers are and where they will see the photos.


Automotive photography - location

The location of the photos is very important, we spend a lot of time preparing them in order to find the best place for photos. It is to emphasize the character of the car and its purpose. At the same time, it is important that the background does not compete with the car for attention, but complements it. We also take care of the composition of the photo by properly placing the car in relation to the surroundings. We also choose the focal length of the lens depending on how we want to show the car.

It is natural that a sports car will look good when it comes to racing on the track. In the case of an off-road car, it is worth showing it off-road, where mud will splash under the wheels. We always choose the place for photos with the effect we want to achieve in mind.


Automotive photography - lighting

Lighting is also important. We always choose the time of day so that the light emphasizes the attractive shape of the car. If there is such a need, we additionally use flash light, or a technique called painting with light.


Depending on the purpose of the photos, we use more or less post-processing. In the case of typical advertising photos, there is much more graphic processing. Here not only the basic color correction comes into play, but often also the change of background elements, combining multiple photos with different exposure and car lighting into one. For reportage photos, e.g. from an automotive event, it will be less post-processing.

Experience in automotive photography and work on such advertising campaigns as Mercedes-Benz Safety Experience or the premiere of the Mercedes-Benz Cls model allows us to professionally approach new projects. Our task is to use the knowledge in the field of planning (location selection, storyboarding, strategy, equipment selection) through proper photo production and post-production. Our portfolio shows that we can create designs and high-quality photos that customers want.


What makes us stand out

- High attention to detail at every stage of the photos
- Partnership in work with the client. We are committed to the best possible cooperation in order to achieve the desired advertising results
- Experience and knowledge in the implementation of various automotive projects allows flexibility and coping with various conditions and environments
- High-quality post-production that we do ourselves, ensuring the consistency of photos.


The meaning of the color of the car

The color of the car is often the starting point for us. We make sure that appropriate lighting, both natural and additional, brings out and emphasizes its color. We emphasize its silhouette and color with the appropriate play of lights and shadows. We choose the background appropriately, so that it does not compete with the car for attention, but complements it well.


Pictures of cars in motion

Pictures in motion are an essential part of the automotive industry. After all, cars are what they are for, what they are for - this is their natural environment. It is true that static photos are taken more often, but when we want to show speed and performance, photos of cars in motion may turn out to be irreplaceable. We take photos of moving cars, following them with a camera-so-called panning, and photos from another car to show them from a closer perspective. Such photos allow you to show the character of the car, tell a story about it.


Automotive photo postprocessing

Postprocessing for automotive photos is very important. Photo processing allows you to achieve the desired final effect. Especially in commercial and advertising photography, it is intense and time-consuming. We always try to get as much as possible during the production itself, but it is post-production that allows us to bring out the best elements from the photo and improve what limits us when taking photographs.


Brand mission and strategy

During the shooting, we attach great importance to the brand's mission and strategy. Every car company wants to stand out in the market. We also pay attention to strategies and marketing campaigns, for example we participated in the Mercedes campaign "Ready for romance" at the premiere of the CLS model.


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