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Production of corporate videos

Video inspires people to act, well done can have a greater impact than any other medium. It is an effective way of communication, regardless of whether it is a video about your company, product advertisement, training movie or encouraging recruitment of new employees. 

SKYMAKE creates materials that will convince your customers to take action. We know how to create an effective video that is engaging. Our production house for video creation is creative, we want to meet the expectations as well as possible. Our experience allows us to create, in cooperation with you, materials that are characterized by high quality.

What is a corporate video?

In simple terms, it is a film that shows the company's potential. It is used by business, companies, corporations and organizations. Where can a corporate video be posted? Internet, company website, social media (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) or e-mail marketing. We also see more and more interest in video by search engines such as Google.

Who is the corporate video intended for?

Usually, the corporate video is aimed at the company's customers or its employees. We distinguish corporate films presenting the company, promotional films for investors and shareholders, showing new products or with customer opinions. Videos are part of the company's communication strategy. We know that well-thought campaigns deliver better results. In addition, we can help in the distribution of the film, planning appropriate marketing so that it reaches the widest possible group of people interested in the film.

Production of a corporate video

Before a corporate video is produced, we prepare a brief, i.e. a set of information from the client on how the video should look like. The client determines how he would like the video to look like, talks about his company and product. On this basis, we define what the communication strategy should be, we analyze the competition and reaserch the market.


We create a corporate film script - it is the so-called pre-production. The pre-shooting period is very important. Thanks to this, we have a clearly defined direction in which we are to act. You cannot forget about such elements as film equipment, crew and set design. This is our head, so we will not elaborate on it.


Our experience shows that there should be a representative from your company with us, who knows the company from the inside. His comments can be very valuable when creating an implementation. A film set is created in selected places. Everything runs according to a mutually agreed scenario.


It comes after all the footage is shot. The film is edited. We provide professional color grading, sometimes special effects (VFX) and infographics are added.

As you can see, the creation of an engaging corporate film is a complex, multi-stage process. At SKYMAKE, however, we don't like to take shortcuts. We will help you convey your stories in the most effective way.

Below we present a video prepared for the Free Kids company.




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